What’s up next?


Good afternoon and happy Sunday! As I said in my last post, I’m making some changes here. Changes seem to happen slowly in my life! But, progress behind the scenes is still progress, right? I’ve been doing some planning and some other ministry projects that I wanted to tell you about!

First off, the picture above is of some onesies I made for the Value Life Ministry at church. It’s a beautiful ministry that helps women make actual choices. Few women would choose an abortion if they had the support and means to care for their baby. That’s where this ministry comes in. I just love it. It’s been close to my heart for many years. To that end, I’ll be supporting it with things like these onesies and these bibs (and similar things) till God tells me to stop. I love giraffes, this is not April the giraffe related.


Also, I’ve been reading a book about quitting (or how not to) that follows along with the story of Ruth from the Bible. I love that story and I’ve decided that will be my first ‘teaching’ blog on here. I’m planning on a series to start next weekend at the latest.

Another great thing that happened this weekend was a woman in my small group had a dream about me yesterday and how God was going to use me. A few of the ladies prayed for me and as it turns out, one way he wants to use me is my teaching ability. My first thought was this blog. I was sure that’s what He meant. Nope…teaching in the group…that’s what he meant. Or at least part of it. I love to teach God’s word. Whether here on the blog, in person, or in a book that’s been rolling around inside me for years, it’s such a joy to spread his love. I’m so excited about that. The funny thing is, at work I had a chance to apply to be the trainer for my department. In an official capacity, since I do that some now as it is. I was all “oh heck no! I don’t want to train people”. This all took place last week and the group prayed for me about that as well because I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I really wanted to be sure of what God wanted me to do. The training, as it turns out, isn’t work, it’s God’s word. MUCH better!

I’m off of here for now. Rainy Sunday here. I think I’ll go read. Have a blessed week!

~ Nancy



  1. Sounds great! It’s wonderful to hear how God is leading you. ❤
    Are you planning to make onesies like those for your Etsy shop? I love the hot air balloon one! 😊

    Liked by 1 person


      1. Awesome! Be sure to make size 24 months as my chubby 9 month old is in that size and I want to buy one!! 😉


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